Lirpe S100 Solar Panel

Prix de vente$226.00

This solar panel boasts exceptional performance, featuring excellent heat and chemical resistance with a power output of 100W.Built to withstand outdoor conditions, featuring advanced lamination technology that makes it waterproof, dustproof, and heat resistant, with an IP6 waterproof rating for protection against splashing water.Convenient design with a compact folding size of 15.7 * 10.2 * 2.3 inches and a lightweight of 7.6 pounds, making it easy to carry in a briefcase, ideal for camping trips where space-saving is essential.

Solar Panels S100

Harnessing Solar Power

Embrace green energy with Lirpes 100w solarpower input, allowing you to recharge the modular battery using the sun's energy.

Uninterrupted Power on the go

Lirpe gets you to your destination quicker and with zero emissions! Beat traffic and effortlessly navigate through urban environments with Lirpe's smooth and efficient electric scooter.

Portability at its Finest

Lirpe epitomizes exceptional portability and lightweight design; everything except the scooter can be effortlessly stowed in your backpack, ensuring a truly hassle-free trip.

Technical Specifications

Lirpe S100 Solar Panel
Lirpe S100 Solar Panel Prix de vente$226.00
Lirpe S100 Solar Panel
Lirpe S100 Solar Panel Prix de vente$226.00

Solar Panel

Output wattage



5V 2.4A(Max)

DC 5521 output

43.8V (Max)

Unfold size