Lirpe R1 Modular Electric Scooter

World First Solar Electric Scooter-Endless power

Precio de oferta$799.00

The scooter features an 8.5-inch removable battery that serves as outdoor mobile power and lighting during excursions. Equipped with a USB port, it allows for easy charging of cell phones and small appliances outdoors, marking a significant advancement in electric scooter battery technology.Designed for adults, it boasts a powerful 350W motor for fast acceleration and climbing ability.Its lightweight and compact design make it an ideal choice for commuting.With its powerful performance, the Lirpe electric scooter is positioned as an ideal companion for commuting or outdoor travel.

Remarkable Features

With the large screen on the front of the scooter, it is easy to adjust the current speed and riding mode; There maining power is also clear.

Crafted entirely from aluminum, Lirpe R1 has a sleek and modern design. lts Matrix LED logo screen is customizable.Paraxial steering system enhances maneuverability, making every ride asmooth and controlled journey.

374Wh emergency power supports a maximum range of 45 km. 374wh Emergency power and 100W solar power provide a longer commute, making it suitable for various commuting needs.

Powerful Motor,Faster Speed

The Lirpe R1 boasts a remarkable 220 lbs (100kg) maximum payload capacitycoupled with the ability to reach speeds of up to 15 km/h. The key to its exceptional performance lies in the 500W mo tor. Harnessing the highly efficient motor, you can effortlessly arrive at your appointments with enhanced speed.

Unique shape design

We offer different versions of R1 scooters to meet the needs of different groups of people;

The more technological streamline shape makes the R1 more attractive on the road.

Modular scooter battery

The R1 battery can be removed and replaced at any time during use. It's also very portable and you can even carry it in your backpack.

Technical Specifications

Wheel Size
8.5 inch
Battery Capacity
Charger specifications
42V 15A
Charging Time
< 5-6h
Top speed
15 km/h
Eco Speed
15 km/h
Distance Per Charge
30-35 km
Scooter Size
Folding Size
Net Weight
15 kg
Loading Weight