R1 Pro

500W Modular electric scooter

Lirpe Outdoor travel program

Welcome to the world of clean energy and sustainable transportation! As the world shifts towards more environmentally friendly practices, there has never been a better time to explore innovative solutions that help us reduce our carbon footprint.

At the forefront of this movement is Lirpe, which offers an integrated system of electric scooter, solar panel, and inverter designed to make green transportation accessible and convenient for everyone. Lirpe's idea is simple yet powerful: to harness the power of the sun to charge the scooter, and then share that energy with other devices through the inverter.

10.4Ah large-capacity battery

The battery has a power of 500 watts, a voltage of 36 volts, and a capacity of 10.4 Ah. This means that it should provide sufficient power for smooth acceleration and sustained cruising speed, a good balance between power and efficiency, and a decent range of more than 28 miles on a single charge.It also has an integrated lighting system that can be used as a camping lamp.

25/32 km/h
30 - 35 km

Feature name

Share useful information about your product features.

Feature name

Share useful information about your product features.

Feature name

Share useful information about your product features.

Protect Your Travel Safety

Ensure safe riding in all aspects

Independent lighting system

For safe night riding, the R1's self-contained lighting system helps drivers see the road in all circumstances.

Bright headlight

A good lighting system is an essential part of any electric scooter, and it can make a big difference in the safety and usability of the vehicle.

Rear light

The R1's rear wheels are equipped with an emergency brake system that works with hub brakes to make driving safer.


Brief Body

Its ergonomic and streamlined pedal design, combined with the ambient lighting system, adds to the overall style, comfort, and safety of your electric scooter, making it an ideal choice for riders who value both performance and aesthetics.


Paraxial Steering System

It provides an extra axial inclination angle to ensure stable operation of the product, and does not occupy the rear space too much to ensure the comfort of users.


Dynamic LCD screen

The front of the scooter is equipped with a dynamic LCD screen, which can be customized by the user through an app, thus allowing the scooter to interact with the driving environment.


Comfortable non-slip pedals

An ergonomic pedal design typically means that the pedals are shaped and positioned in a way that's comfortable for the rider's feet and legs, reducing the strain and fatigue that can come from standing on a hard or uncomfortable surface for an extended period of time.

Benefits of modular battery

If needed, users can take the R1 battery off to charge other devices, such as mobile phones, computers, MP3 players etc.